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October Month Ahead Forecasts!

As the Month of September comes to a close, we have had a new moon in Libra the sign ruled by Venus while conjoined by a retrograding Mercury in Virgo! We end September on a note of receiving a major shift in our mind's perception and ways of 'combing through' the data from the territory of our relations. The big question we were faced with, was that of coming to the understanding between balance and equality.

As we begin the Month of October, we will step into very dynamic and personal emotional spaces. With a GRAND WATER TRINE involving a Solar Eclipse on Venus in Scorpio, to the re-entry of planet Jupiter into Pisces and the conjunction of astroids Pallas and Black Moon Lilith in opposition to Pluto all occurring at month's end, you can be sure this month will be felt and experienced very emotionally.

Not to be worries we will also be in a GRAND AIR TRINE as planet Mercury reaches the later degrees of Gemini before beginning its retrograde through the sign ruled my Mercy, but also planet Venus will be travelling with the Sun for the majority of the month through Venus ruled Libra and finally the third part of this air trine is to planet Saturn which will Satition to go Direct and to astroid Vesta in Aquarius!

These two power-packed trines show us that with emotional sobriety and truth, a clear mind can see and communicate what needs to be know to self and to others, creating a powerful atmosphere for life changing agreements to be reached, communicated and agreed upon.

We begin the month with a Full Moon in fiery sign Aries the initiated path has been set on its course! Many people are headed in a direction of newness with fortunate agreements.

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In Radical Love, Magali

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