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Patreon Memberships & How to Access Classes & Video Content

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and benefiting from the clarity and closures of the June-July-August energies of the Leo Chaos/Awakening Square the Taurus Jupiter Rx Opportunity and resetting of our values and appreciations! More to come on this subject in the next Newsletter :-) It has been an intense summer and now with the Virgo energies picking up nicely and logically; hopefully more peace is on the horizon and our level headedness can begin to place the necessary pieces of the puzzle in order.

Which brings me to this message for you today... I myself have also been going through major inner changes and professional discoveries with curiosities for the type of career work I am being lead to pursue with passion and conviction. I will keep it brief and to the point. I will be continuing to do the Month Ahead Astrology Videos and the Patreon Astrology Weekly Transit Videos for the forseeable future. Although I do believe my days are numbered and that eventually my professional work with be 100% in Health & Wellness as a Health Coach. I'm learning to be patient within this process, turning over every stone and healing my own trauma response of being 'the runner'... and I don't mean in terms of athletic performance ;-) Learning through Grace, Kindness, Humility and Faith.... step by step.

Below you will find the (hopefully) user-friendly way of accessing your Patreon Tier Membership. It was my hope that by adding the Month Aheads as Single Sign options, that it would have made things 'easier' for all, but unfortunately that was not the case as I received multiple emails requesting assistance on Patreon.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Where I am at personally and professional... and what I've been working on behind the scenes.

The Pilot Program in the Lifestyle Wellness Choice will be going on for a few more months; I suspect that by the end of the year; I will have finished the Level 1 and be halfway through the Level 2 Certification. I am currently working on developing the second website LifestyleWellnessChoice for my Online Health Coaching Services. This is very passionate work for me and it confirms my 30 years of living a Holistic Alternative Health Lifestyle. It feels really good and I can see the Jupiter Rx (I being a Sagittarius) in my first house completely opening up this new door for me.

My Process with it so far... and the exciting news I want to share with you.

I'm discovering as I go; the pieces to this next puzzle in my life. The Daily Yoga-Pilates classes are a huge part of the program, Nutrition comes in second, Detoxing Heavy Metals, Lab tests of Hair Tissue Analysis, Adrenal-Thyroid Hormone Testing, Organic Acids testing come in on a close third, just to mention a few of the Health Focuses I will be diving into. The Program also incorporates Sleep & Meditation Protocols in the healing of the Stress/Trauma signature in the Nervous System.

My new spiritual awakening these days... where the past five years has lead me to.

The spiritual part of the program will most likely include; in addition to weekly meditation, sound healing & breathwork classes offered on Fridays' YogaPilates' Exercise Class; a small daily read from The Life Recovery Bible; the book incorporates the 12 steps of recovery with scripture. As some of you may or may not already know; part of my life's journey has involved addiction, and that today and for the past five years since my father's death, I am a proud & happy recovering alcoholic. The the spirits of dooming depression no longer occupy 'my house'. I have personally experienced the spirits of alcoholism and of spiritual torment and how they moved through the family tree. My personal journey brought me to the 'God of my understanding' in Christ Jesus; who redeemed me from this very specific spiritual warfare. I am also focusing the Lifestyle Wellness Choice Program and Professional Reach to Young Women at colleges who are for the first time leaving their families and moving out into the world; Women In Recovery from addiction; Sister In Christ, and Women of All Stages of Life.

Needless to say I am a 'Happy Pea In This Pod' with these studies and Certification Process! It is an expensive online certification and requires a lot of my time to study, take notes, incorporate; hence the changes in my decressed online attendance, as of late.

Your Invitation to Participate... I truly hope to express and share with you the values of these Lifestyle Choices ... I believe that by the beginning of the New Year January 2024; the new website will be up and running and that the Lifestyle Wellness Choice Pilot Program will be dissolving by then. Please consider joining the Lifestyle Wellness Choice Pilot Program if you are interested in finding out more and beginning your Lifestyle Wellness Choice Journey with me as I co-create, discover and share the birthing of this program with you. It will be available as a Pilot Program until the end of the year through the YogaPilates Exercise Tier & the All Inclusive Tier on Patreon; at no additional cost to you! I will be taking new clients through the new business as a Health Coach in 2024.

Patreon Membership Tiers

There is no option to send single links out, I already checked on Patreon.

1) Here is the best way to proceed :-)

(You can only choose ONE TIER on Patreon; Choose Wisely!)

2) Then you need to scroll down to find your Membership!


Single Sign Membership $7.99/each

Aries - Pisces


Basic Building Blocks of Astrology $35

+All 12 Signs Monthly

+ Astrology Lunar Weekly Transit Videos

+ Astrology Tutorial Option


Applied Astrology $65

+All 12 Signs Monthly

+ Complete Weekly Transit Videos

+ Astrology Tutorial Option


YogaPilates Classes $65

+Five Exercise Classes Weekly

+Lifestyle Wellness Choice Pilot-Program through to Dec 2023


All Inclusive $95

+All 12 Signs Monthly

+ Complete Weekly Transit Videos

+ Astrology Tutorial Option

+ Five Exercise Classes Weekly

+Lifestyle Wellness Choice Pilot-Program through to Dec 2023

In Radical Love,


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