Pluto & Perfect Nodal Alignment

In case you had not noticed, energies are building up and intensities are increasing as a certainty!

What is the role of governments (Capricorn) and how does it control the people of this world (Aquarius)?

Answer: World Economic Forum, Inflation, Crypto Regulations, War, Poisons, Small Business Extinction, etc.

Without sugar-coating this astrology transit; here is the Pluto expression:

Because the South Node is in Scorpio; ruled by Pluto; there will be no escaping this death cycle. Many people will die due over the next few years due to the hidden-motives in dark global cabal magic, secrete murder in sorcery. Some of the most darkest and evil agenda orchestrated by hidden organizations.

Pluto in Capricorn will expose the Truth. Pluto in Capricorn will also show each person the path each individual has chosen in personal life directions since 2018. There will be Truth directed clearly and without chance to change. The hidden motive in global laws, personal direction and financial obsessions will be set for truth. Many will not understand the truth exposing the hidden motives of global and of personal outcome. Exposure will take place in personal greed, ego 3D false truth, inner war in the awakening path in relationships, personal pride in dominating in hidden global cabal false rulership, lawful corruption, government financial lawful enslavement in hidden financial banking, global laws in crypto currency control by World Economic Forum leading humanity into slavery through artificial medical and financial hidden humanitarian financial control. By 2030 insuring that the people have zero personal control in personal finance, become mind-control, financial-control, monitored through AI, 5G Satellites, Medical government slavery forcing, tricking and manifesting humanity into the false truth of 'SMART CITY Ai CITIZENSHIP'