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Pluto & Perfect Nodal Alignment

In case you had not noticed, energies are building up and intensities are increasing as a certainty!

What is the role of governments (Capricorn) and how does it control the people of this world (Aquarius)?

Answer: World Economic Forum, Inflation, Crypto Regulations, War, Poisons, Small Business Extinction, etc.

Without sugar-coating this astrology transit; here is the Pluto expression:

Because the South Node is in Scorpio; ruled by Pluto; there will be no escaping this death cycle. Many people will die due over the next few years due to the hidden-motives in dark global cabal magic, secrete murder in sorcery. Some of the most darkest and evil agenda orchestrated by hidden organizations.

Pluto in Capricorn will expose the Truth. Pluto in Capricorn will also show each person the path each individual has chosen in personal life directions since 2018. There will be Truth directed clearly and without chance to change. The hidden motive in global laws, personal direction and financial obsessions will be set for truth. Many will not understand the truth exposing the hidden motives of global and of personal outcome. Exposure will take place in personal greed, ego 3D false truth, inner war in the awakening path in relationships, personal pride in dominating in hidden global cabal false rulership, lawful corruption, government financial lawful enslavement in hidden financial banking, global laws in crypto currency control by World Economic Forum leading humanity into slavery through artificial medical and financial hidden humanitarian financial control. By 2030 insuring that the people have zero personal control in personal finance, become mind-control, financial-control, monitored through AI, 5G Satellites, Medical government slavery forcing, tricking and manifesting humanity into the false truth of 'SMART CITY Ai CITIZENSHIP'

Planet Pluto reveals the truth very slowly, It is beyond our religions on planet earth, it is beyond our family history and bloodline, it is beyond the hidden evil of the global cabal and satanic laws on planet earth. Pluto reveals all that is beyond the reincarnations of souls struggling through Karma, darkness, and memory or mental blackouts, conditioning in worldly karmic indoctrination.

Pluto has no personal negotiation or room for debate. We are forced to change in ways that are beyond our understanding. Death is the rulership of Pluto. Because there is such strong harmony with Pluto and the South Node in Scorpio; we must embrace the death of traditional cycles from our lives and the world system. The hidden motives when personally observed and pronounced in truth of past abuse of hidden power is given and surrendered personally back to God forgiven and personally refused; a death will either be manifested in Life through a miracle which cannot be previously known or understood.

The personal soul ascending can only be done through the grace of God. This human Life is temporary. We all return back to God in ways that are powerfully peaceful and no longer entangled in webs of karmic laws of soul slavery trapped by evil worldly hidden agendas. Humanity is repeating a Cycle of past decisions and personal actions involving power, psychological warfare, the hidden darkness of 3D obsessions and deceptions versus the Light of humbleness, the renouncing of the false power of the physical world. Setting the soul free from karmic magnetism and facing the temporary Life with peace, acceptance, faith and the renouncement of karmic enslavement through the personal human behavior and life choices currently made.

This explains the death process of Pluto and the South Node in Scorpio without any sugar-coating.

Pluto harmonizing in an Earth Trine with the North Node in Taurus allows for a radical awakening process in the cells of the human body. A Radical Awakening is creating a physical change inside humanity through a new wave of Cosmic Radiation, solar winds, new quantum shockwaves, radical explosive in physical cellular healing (or poisons depending) to the awakening in chaos with the upcoming summer of 2022 conjunction of the North Node with planet Uranus in Taurus. Something absolutely radical will present itself in the health and medical value, in new personal creative love, new love and new discoveries for those onboard in new timelines in futuristic organic radical cellular cosmic frequency in Peace!

With a very strong spiritual wave approaching a collective unconscious peak of spiritual law for humanity. As planet Jupiter in Pisces gets ready to connect with planet Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Pisces promises a for a massive miraculous coming in the invisible realms for those ready to see past through the worldly accounts and deceptions, and into the truth of of God's promise beyond anything attached of the world 3D systems, God's true Love in the understanding of the realms of heaven, beyond cognition of human thinking and understanding, beyond humanity Love, beyond human condition, beyond anything that we understand. More will be revealed in Pisces through the rest of February and through March.


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