Powerful Full Moon & The Shift Trine to Pluto, Sextile Blessings in Pisces!

Did You feel it? The Curse is gone and the Healing Through Crisis is upon us! Deep healing (Pisces Stellium) is the key here and the process is both physical ( Virgo Earth in the mundane) and in the Soul (Pluto and the South Node in Scorpio).

The Sun at 28 Pisces in a sextile to Pluto is the promise of the completion of a very serious soul process and cycle. The death, the final alignment and the completion of a circle in very significant soul evolutionary life karmas are coming to a complete peek of illumination, exposure and cognitive disclosure. There are energies in us, around us, in our family tree, lineage, cellular makeup, psychological mayhem, and spiritual veil of illusions that are coming into full termination. Freedom comes at a price! The price is that whatever 'was' can no longer 'be'... this is the promise of Pluto. Nothing remains, that was. This process can be such a deep internal undoing that most cannot bear to look at it, let alone process it fully consciously. Similarly to how one can or cannot deal with death. We all have our protective mechanisms in place, our defenses ready or complete denial. Eventually though Pluto wins the game of Life and death, whether here in the flesh or afterwards in the realms of the Spirit. God always wins, not our egos.

Now with the Sun in Pisces in a sextile to Pluto; during the Full Moon in Virgo in a earth trine to Pluto and opposition to the sun... well, there is no hiding place! If we have been hiding, whatever we have been hiding from or trying to control the outcome of with hidden motives or secretive tactics hidden in the recesses of the human mind. All these Piscean energies are making the impossible now possible!! Through the Spiritual tsunami wave that will wash away something, Wash away.... not to stay, wash away, clears the way, wash away, cycle is ending, truly and completely.

Best we not resist this deep soul clearing in the physical world through the 'Spiritual Blessing of Death' as in the death of the CURSE! For the next six weeks we are forced, invited, asked, guided to look at Pisces; were all things of this world are meaningless without he presence of peace, love and God's Grace to protect, bless and heal all wounds, afflictions and deceptions. BUT BE AWARE Of the KARMIC PROCESS and LEASSON that LIVES in PISCES... all Piscean energies need to learn about the application of boundaries in healthy identification, corrected relationship dynamics and social interaction in this world. Luckily for all of us as Pisces is in everyone's astrology charts, for the next six weeks this part of the astrology chart, of our lives, is saturated with planetary influences.... last month's new moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury now, soon with the arrival of Mars and Venus too! We will all feel as if we are going overboard with certain things in this area of Life, trust it, stay humbled, kind and sincere in the realms of the Spirit, in healing arts, meditations, prayer, psychic perceptions, intuitions and empathic natures.... bring it all through into the physical, or it may turn toxic very quickly in the Spirit, where great personal deceptions leading to depressions can turn things upside down before we can even get a grip on the situation, the feelings, the mindset perception and we are taken into the drowning territory of Poseidon Sirens and hopelessness in intoxication of one sort or another.