Schedule Change for Thursday Yoga Classes.

Firstly, I apologize to everyone who attended this morning's YOGA class as regularly at 11:00 am (EST).

I will blame my unpredictable absence on the Great Conjunction in Pisces ;-)

The simple truth is that I completely miscalculated 3D time today as I prepared my schedule and 'double-booked myself. I realized upon arriving home and in noticing that I had 'jumped time'... and missed our amazing yoga class entirely! I was disheartened and felt badly that we missed out on spending our sacred hour together this morning.

With that said.... As of now, the Thursday Yoga Classes will be @9am (EST), not @11am.

Please make a note of it, and thank you all for your cooperation, patience and understanding.

See you all in Yoga! If you have not tried it yet, newbies are always welcomed!

Come to the LIVE class via ZOOM LINK