The Moon Begins to Grow...

Last night's Aquarius New Moon (1am EST) will slowly begin to grow over the next few days into a crescent moon as it moves into Pisces and is nourished by both Jupiter and then by Neptune (both co-rulers to Pisces), consider it the moon's 'first meal post a fast'.

As the intensities surely build-up all month long in February, the moon's passage is significant in understanding the more subtle and personal meaning to these developing energies and how we use these energies to evolve on our Soul's Path here on earth.

February brings us a very significant 'Cross of Change' when all four Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) will each be holding one of the four points of this Change. The Sun in Aquarius, the moon opposite the sun in Leo, and both Taurus and Scorpio holding the axis line of the Karmic Nodes creating the perpendicular cross line.

Along with the other significant astrological transit currently involving planet Pluto which take us back to the year 2018 (the beginning of the Capricorn Brigade with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & South Node), February's Grand Fixed Cross will also brig us back to the 2018 time period; when we had the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo with the then Karmic Nodes in a Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node).

The Full Moon in Leo this month of February will be followed (and always is) to a New Moon in Pisces come March. The Love of God in our hearts, the power to be in love like an innocent child playing in the God's created Cosmos. What was the 'gift given' in our Hearts over the summer of 2021, when the Leo activity was polarized to Saturn (& Jupiter) in Aquarius for the firs time in decades? Saturn in Aquarius is our ability to 'respond' (which is now highlighted by last Night's new moon in Aquarius) for our future, for humanity, for the new lawfullness that we each must confront now in our own consciousness and mind.