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The Path on Graveled Backroads, Month Ahead Astrology Videos for June & More!

I hope you all enjoyed the recent Eclipses Window with last night's Full Moon! Now the new journey is upon us and the path is taken one step at a time on the gravel backroads. Scorpio has revealed to us the ways of our past and the release from the grips of a 28 year old cycle.

There's a freshness in our understanding of power in our selves and our lives, and a humbleness now that simply wasn't there 28 years ago. Walking the path of the graveled backroads, we reflect on the past and observe the possibilities that blossom before us. Slowly a great excitement and a new hope for what's to come through the newly found freedom which allows us to become more fully the expression of Love.

Planet Mars soon arrives in its home sign of Aires where Jupiter is awaiting.... Now currently with Venus shining the way in Aires of our personal path in restoration and deliverance. Something new awaits our arrival to it.

Stay tuned for more...

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In Radical Love, Magali

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