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Today's Mars Earth Trine to Uranus

With planet Mars plowing through, in one of its favorites signs of Capricorn.

From 11* it is creating a revolutionary earth trine to Uranus in Taurus at 11*.

Action is required! 'Planning for success with a force of power' is the theme.

But who's power?

What power?

Which power?

Our old MOs in power displays?

Traditional power?

We are building up something with Mars in Capricorn, that is certain! Whatever we are building up whether in our personal lives, or in the world at large (keep an eye on Canada), 'it' will have to pass through planet Pluto!

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio where the South Node is currently beginning its transit. In a nutshell; and with no disrespect to all amazing Scorpios reading this... Archetypal energies of Pluto, Scorpio & South Node bundles into 'obsessions of power and hidden psychosis'. Wherever we each have planet Pluto in our personal Charts is where this bundle is observed in ourselves and where the transmutation of these energies can take place.

Right Now; Pluto is in Capricorn; signaling Corporate, Military, Government, World Central Banking, Traditional National Legalities, 'Father Figures', Family Trees, Genetics, Patriarchy, Professional Success, CEO and all things of this material world in manifested form in dominance and control. All of this will be, must be transmuted into the' Death Trap' of Pluto, personally and on the world stage agenda.

Did you know that by this time next year that planet Pluto will have arrived in to Aquarius?!

Okay, let's come back to today's Mars Trine Uranus... Correct action on our behalf is required by us, for us. Peacefully, calmly, and with great care for the future of the hearts and minds of humanity. On a personal level; plant the seeds you wish to harvest in the future. Stand your feet on grounds you wish to play in for the future smiles of children. In your body, feel the joy of LIFE coursing through your veins, let the past be gone... let the memories move through, let the tears flow in healing rivers or raindrops, forgiveness of the mistakes of the past, the neaivity of the past.

The action that we take now, can be the breaking point moment with great courage, minimal security, uncertainty and and with a radical wake-up call in how we choose to live our lives in radical health, radical honesty and radical trust for our lives now and into the future.

Where is Pluto in your birth chart?

The deep obsession-cleansing is happening there for you personally. Be patient, this is a slow process.... Pluto never rushes anything.

Where is your Saturn in your birth Chart?

This is where the karmic 'legal' change is being inspected and the line-drawn-in-the-sand.

Where is your Mars in your birth chart?

This is where and how you take action!


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