Update on Next Wave of 'The Subtle Body' & Spiritual Healing.

We've been asked to step up into our 'due diligence' as both planets of Venus and Mars first passed Pluto last month and then conjoined onto Saturn in Aquarius. Today is that day that Mars meets Saturn and tomorrow Mars will pass Saturn; much relief will come, but first this 'trigger-like' energy could strike hard and fast in unexpected ways either globally or in our personal timelines.

This past week's new moon in Aries (Mars Ruled) ushered us onto our own personal new journey, a path taken, a choice made, a decision acquired! Good, its the beginning many of us have been preparing for. Albeit it was on Chiron the Wounded Healer; so not to be afraid of the wound as it is God's Key which unlocks the humbleness we so desire that allows us to enter the Garden to play, love and be kind, gentle and genuine in our Love with each other and in us by God!

Now the New Wave of energies is upon us and crashing down, moving through the collective unconscious and deep within our own emotional empathic bodies, The 'subtle bodies' are in for a wild ride on turbulent seas and deep currents moving us all below the surface of our rational lucid cognition and analysis. The invisible realms are active, the Spirit realm is moving through... Strong emotions and deep feelings can easily pull on us and take us into never-before experienced healing, compassion, love, blessings and The Miraculous! Of course, this Pisces Conjunction will also be meet by both personal planets of Mars and Venus in the coming weeks! Stay Tuned! The Spiritual realms are reigning (raining) upon the green pastures