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Venus stations-to-go-direct through 'The Valley of The Sacred Path'

Between November 15-20th 2021; Venus was at Capricorn 12; where it is today Stationing, preparing to head Direct! She will pass from her current 12th degree and climb up the degrees of powerful and successful 'accomplisher' and structural building, mountain climbing goal-oriented Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. Power to Succeed! This has been a Soul Lesson undergoing ever since the arrival of Pluto in Capricorn back in 2008; and again with the 'Capricorn Brigade of 2018-2020.

But Venus has gone, and is still in the Shadowy Realms of this Cardinal Earth Sign. She remains in Pluto's grip in the Underworld of all hidden motives. She will have to pass through Pluto during the first week of March. She will do this accompanied by her 'lover' planet Mars (more on this pair later).

What was Venus' mission, given to her by Pluto back on December 19-29. She retrograded just after passing Pluto mid-December at 27 Capricorn. Venus ruler of both (1) Taurus where beauty of tour surroundings made possible by the lavishes, objects of value or simple pleasures of the senses made available by the 'things we have' in the way that we may have organized or decorate our environment for our comfort, ease of function and appreciation, and ruler to (2) Libra, where beauty is in the eye of superior judgment in the area of fine arts, couture design, museums and in the inter-relationship balances, in the etiquettes of our physical presence and image in social or political status quo.

In other words; the proper or improper 'use of power' in our possessions and/or the way we are seen in the etiquette of our personal dynamics, has come under Pluto's observation. The purpose is to correct a past attitude, lifestyle, demeanor, or has lurked hidden in the vast cavern of the psychological makeup of the Capricorn Structure in our lives, world and our compulsive need to succeed, to have more, to climb higher, to over-step, over-take or over-accomplish. The ego of an overly developed Capricorn is the archetype of the 'Father' or 'head of the household' who succeed so well in the professional arena, CEO. military achievements, or financial world, but at the cost of the emotional intimacy to his children and family (Cancer Sign). Believing that leaving an 'inheritance' might be more valuable then the time and space invested in the emotional relationships to children or family foundation.

What is Venus going direct revealing in our personal lives, personal mastery, relational dynamics; the Value we have placed and the new question of the 'Corrected Interest and Evolving Appreciation' we need to pay attention to now. It may come form our forefathers, our geneology or ancestral lineage; inherited dysfunction.

Planet Mars has arrived in Capricorn and will catch up with Venus mid February. They will travel together, Venus climbing out of The Valley of The Sacred Path and Mars will assist her with plenty of ambition and fiery determination to reveal, ignite our new initiation. Mars ruler of both (1) Aries; where in this cardinal Fire Sign it's 'Join more or get out of my way attitude', self assertion is key in trusting and acting on instinct, and 'we will talk about it later; if we have to' is often the way things move with this sign, and ruler to (2) Scorpio where the passion is most often not shown externally for prying eyes or minds. Here in this Fixed water Sign the expression of fire is contracted, reserved, pressurized and pushed way down into the depths of the subconscious. Action will happen; pre-meditated, unannounced and somehow 'deadly' to anything behind or of the past. Nothing survives; but only the essential will be resurrected, eventually.

Planet Mercury is now Retrograding into Capricorn and will pass underneath Pluto on January 29th & 30th. Mercury will station to go direct on February 3rd at Capricorn 24, Mercury will pass through Pluto direct and for its third and final time on February 10th & 11th.

Mercury is ruler to both (1) Gemini, where our mind 'goes' how we think and process information to gather data, experiences and mental perspectives other than our own. Gemini is a very curious and playful sign that allows for open mindedness and exploration; although it can just as easily 'drop it like a hot potato' when something else catches its attention and curiosity. At times; this Mutable Air Sign of a easily distracted mindset, as well Mercury is ruler to (2) Virgo, with a mind more focused on the rational, problem solving, process of discerning, and logical application of a cool-headed, peaceful demeanor, inner anxious perfectionist, crisis 'Florence Nightingale' savior complex. This Mutable Earth Sign when given the time can solve any puzzle.

Planet Mercury was already in Aquarius at 10 degrees, about to meet with Saturn when it retrograded January 14th; so its retrograde back into Capricorn and Pluto territory is vitally important! Reconsiderations, previous conversations, rewiring of the mind, of contracts, of old agreements and of past visions of success are under investigation. Now the Sun and the New Moon will take place very close to Saturn on February 1st. Pay close attention to the New Lawfullness of Sober mind and of sober Spirit; and the need to draw a Line in The Sand. It will all make sense come March! The vision of our future and the reality check of time.

Pluto is Lord of The Underworld; and ruler to Scorpio where the South Node has just arrived. All of the personal planets in Capricorn underneath Pluto are goin through a major death process, this can be extremely good news and a new chance at LIVING LIFE completely transformed. Remember that post-surgery time is required and the energies will have to settle in; although with spikes of powerful deliverance and a very positive new eye-sight; things will move and 'Progress' quickly come the time that all three personal planets arrive in Aquarius; New Lawfullness of sober mind and of sober spirit; the need to draw a Line in The Sand, the vision of our future and the reality-check-of-time.

These are serious times of great change in responsibility ~ Our future depends on it. Planting now the seeds you wish to harvest in the future. Lastly; with the North Node in Taurus creating a perfect Earth Trine to Pluto; The Best Richest Soil, Must First be Fertilized with Tons of Manure. It might 'stink' for a while; but the Harvest will be well worth it!

As we can clearly see that eight out of the twelve astrology signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius) are all Directly affected in this Astrology Transit/Season!

Be Mindful and Graceful.

God Bless Us All, and travel well Through The Valley of The Sacred!

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In Radical Love, Magali
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