Venus stations-to-go-direct through 'The Valley of The Sacred Path'

Between November 15-20th 2021; Venus was at Capricorn 12; where it is today Stationing, preparing to head Direct! She will pass from her current 12th degree and climb up the degrees of powerful and successful 'accomplisher' and structural building, mountain climbing goal-oriented Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. Power to Succeed! This has been a Soul Lesson undergoing ever since the arrival of Pluto in Capricorn back in 2008; and again with the 'Capricorn Brigade of 2018-2020.

But Venus has gone, and is still in the Shadowy Realms of this Cardinal Earth Sign. She remains in Pluto's grip in the Underworld of all hidden motives. She will have to pass through Pluto during the first week of March. She will do this accompanied by her 'lover' planet Mars (more on this pair later).

What was Venus' mission, given to her by Pluto back on December 19-29. She retrograded just after passing Pluto mid-December at 27 Capricorn. Venus ruler of both (1) Taurus where beauty of tour surroundings made possible by the lavishes, objects of value or simple pleasures of the senses made available by the 'things we have' in the way that we may have organized or decorate our environment for our comfort, ease of function and appreciation, and ruler to (2) Libra, where beauty is in the eye of superior judgment in the area of fine arts, couture design, museums and in the inter-relationship balances, in the etiquettes of our physical presence and image in social or political status quo.

In other words; the proper or improper 'use of power' in our possessions and/or the way we are seen in the etiquette of our personal dynamics, has come under Pluto's observation. The purpose is to correct a past attitude, lifestyle, demeanor, or has lurked hidden in the vast cavern of the psychological makeup of the Capricorn Structure in our lives, world and our compulsive need to succeed, to have more, to climb higher, to over-step, over-take or over-accomplish. The ego of