Week-in-Preview & Pluto RETURN of the 'US of A'

This week is an interesting line-up of subtle 'moon energies' which gives us a powerful opportunity to investigate the underflow of astrological influences in our psyche, subconscious and personalities. As you can see on the image below (Chart Image for Basic Astrology Video) of the Moon's Transits for this week that we are now entering that the first planet(s) the Moon will come into contact with are planets Venus and Mars at late degrees of Capricorn.

Chart Image from the Basic Astrology Video - (OnPatreon's Weekly HomeStudy Transit Video each Monday)

All planets are between late degrees of Capricorn and finishing off at Neptune in Pisces; and then the one jump to Uranus in Taurus. There is concentration of planetary influence in a very limited and therefore focused part of the chart or sky. As the Moon begins to move into Scorpio today, Sagittarius on Wednesday morning, Capricorn and then into Aquarius by week's end, we can study and explore the greater and more subtle psyche-influence that theses Sign's Planetary Rulerships provoke or inspire in us at deeper and more personal levels.

For example when the moon transits Scorpio these next 2.5 days, look to see where your Natal Pluto (ruler to Scorpio) is located in your birth chart and begin to investigate what this energies feel like to you, what does it represent for you personally and transformationally in your life. Then continue this for the week as the moon moves into the following signs and reflect on their rulership placement in your birth chart to make this personal! The image below (Chart Image for Applied Astrology Video) demonstrates this and is the main focus for this week's home-study lesson.

Chart Image from the Applied Astrology Video - (OnPatreon's Weekly HomeStudy Transit Video each Monday)

Many people are asking or commenting on Social Media World out there about this week's Pluto Return for the Chart of the US. It is correct that on February 22nd the Return is 'made'. However, this is a very flat and limited perspective (in my professional opinion) on the investigative soul-depth that astrology brings us into.

To be fair and RESPECTFUL of astrology and of PLUTO! If anyone is concerned NOW about the Pluto RETURN of the 'US of A' I sincerely hope that proper time and study was placed over the past FIVE YEARS, since 2018 when the Capricorn Brigade was INITIATED. Preparing or being 'concerned now' is frankly and honestly just too late.

The study of Astrology is an exceptional science and art. When done properly and with the deep personal psychological and spiritual combination of sacred interest and investment; worlds and dimensions open-up to the student and God's messages are revealed for the evolution of the SOUL (Pluto in relationship to the Karmic Nodes in a Chart). Remember last week's Pluto's Perfect Alignment to The Nodes?

If you would like to deepen your understanding of Astrology with respect to its science and art of daily and weekly exploration, with at-home studies with online study resources and LIVE class time, come study or listen to the Weekly HomeStudy Transit Videos OnPatreon!

This week will be a generally quieter week; as it wont be until late in the week that the moon makes contact with another planet. But we are gearing up for next week; when very significant aspects will occur all at the same time; when it rains, it pours! WE will be looking at a New Moon in Pisces, Mercury finally conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, Venus and Mars conjoin Pluto in Capricorn. This is a loaded domino-effect that will move a tremendous amounts of energy personally and collectively.

Use this week to prepare, iron-out, get settled, awakened, clear-minded and ready for something BIG that will demonstrate Aquarian Initiation for Humanity.... and I leave you with this message...

The Great Spirit has Risen in Canadians and is about to Move Across the Lands from West back to East. A Hopi Prophecy predicted that when the Great Spirit Rose in the people and when the Peace Pipe made its way from North back to South and