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Winter New Moon Solstice w/ Jupiter in Aries & The 12 Signs!

Capricorn wants us all to grow as we build our lives correctly, leaving this earth, this house, this life better than how we arrived to it. A great breakthrough of fiery ambition in each one of us is being re-ignited as we look onward with determined purpose for the life we are newly arriving to. The 'preparatory work' has been set over the months of April through August of 2022. We got to dive deep in the emotional space to clear away old fears that may have sprung up to our awareness as Jupiter squared off to Black Moon Lilith.

What are the chances that this time Jupiter enters Aries; a fiery combination of 'nothing can stop us now' on the humbled path of service in God's will. A treasure chest of adventure, faith and initiation brings joyous new beginnings for so many of us.

The key to not over doing this aspect is to consider God's wish and will first, as Chiron ensures the 'wounds of the healer' which teaches us in Aries that this life, this body and this personality are mortal, imperfect with an all too often fragile ego.

Now in December, The Sun arriving in Capricorn initiating the Cardinal time of the Winter Solstice is paired with a New Moon. Assisting us in a beginning of 'built successes' of metaphorical 'brick and mortar' foundation on our journey and path of personal maturity to that which we are 'assigned' to built with great success and newness.

The personal identity qualities of Aries and the new 'wardrobe' given by Jupiter's expansive visual presence, puts the fire of purpose in us! To accomplish the initiation required to be launch onward! The square from the Solstice New Moon adds the change of direction we are to take which was not present on Jupiter's initial entry into Aries back in May of '22. We now have access to the 'Capricorn ways of success' through committed work, ambition to succeed, physical stamina and the tools, training, or professional support in those who have the expert knowledge from years of work and experience.

This is a time to seek out those who have or are where you envision your finish line to look like. Capricorn is the carpenter; the one with his tool bag, skills, training and experience. The one who goes and gets it done! simply, calmly and with great precision. There is a strategy, a vision of the end product, a need to start and complete with success and honor. Capricorn wants us all to grow as we build our lives correctly, leaving this earth, this house, this life better than how we arrived to it.

This is a powerful and exciting way to bring a well deserved closure to the year 2022. With the emotional healing and purging Black Moon Lilith had us look at in our most personal parts of our lives, where a deeper trust and emotional support in ourselves can now be deeply absorbed and shared by God's graceful love and healing in prayer. Our personal 'emotional well' becomes fertile with passionate peace and beauty. Allowing for the faithfulness in us to move onward and forward on our assigned paths and new direction in life.

Aries : You are ready for this! Stepping into YOUR new role is Key. Get whatever training you need, go for the expert and the success!

Taurus : A big energy moves behind the scenes for you. Stay patient and calm while it stirs your unconscious. Travel and study brings a certain confidence to you!

Gemini : Happy times are Here for your friendships and kindred minds! Go have fun and mingle, you'll find great treasures in others! Someone wants to hand something over to you. Except it!

Cancer : You hear the call onward in your career or path in life! Go for the change, its time! Relationship news could bring a new person or a fresh beginning again!

Leo : Your natural ambition is ignited, You're on Fire! Go for your vision, travel or education in a trade, skill, or figure it out yourself! You're going to love this lifestyle change of routine.

Virgo : Considering who you are these days, could have you answering it! It's okay to not have all the details figure out, the tain is leaving, make sure you're on it! Destination is grounded love and commitment you can count on!

Libra : Relationship news and you are off to the races with your partner in crime! Single? Stay open minded and spontaneous! Home and family life takes a natural turn, growth is happening here at home.

Scorpio : Maintaining a healthy detox attitude can get you through health issues and open you up to mundane solutions in all your affairs! A new thought-process demands your attention and graceful consideration!

Sagittarius : Love news brings joy and laughter to your heart and inner child. Playfulness is given and embraced! Money changes are coming through new work or investments. New personal values are deeply appreciated, a new commitment is golden.

Capricorn : Family news has you on the move to something expansive! Take the leap and make the change! You are recognizing yourself in a new light these days. Big change is coming through you, like a breath of fresh air!

Aquarius : Your mind is on Fire for the new insights you are previe to! Nothing can stop you and a great quest is in the making in you! Doors a shutting closed behind you, don't look back, let them shut in peace and in kindness. You are free at last!

Pisces : A great gift is landing in your lap, maybe money, maybe a new chance at life! A treasure to behold for certain! It comes with a change in the direction of your ambition at what you're building for your future. Pay attention to the change and be lead.


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May God Bless us, in His Grace~

Our New Year, with Great Cheer~

May His Will & Way, be Adopted~

In Our Hearts, Each New Day~

May God's Breath, Live in us~

Reminding us of His Loving~

and Kind Ways~

In Radical Love, Magali

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