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All Astrology & Healing Services in the Name of Jesus Christ in Prayer of the Holy Spirit. 

Your love, courage and laughter shine brightly and you are in love again.

It's all about what ou value in life, love and treasures. The past is gone. 

Friends and yoru golas light you up in creative expressions at home.

Unraveling a mystery, life has taken you deeply. Heart opeingin is your gift. 

Loving yoursel fdeeply and family heals, your personal life shines.

Your fire speaks you in the limelights. You future looks brightly starred. 

Your agreements and new beginnings are clearly shown.

Others are showing you their light, courage and bravery.  Accept the offer.

Blessing healership role with friendships and in your community.

You have your work cut out for you with powerful emotional urges. 

Increible romance and new powers of passions moves you strongly. 

Your intsruemnt is finely tuned, you heart too.  You see it all as a blessing.